Outback Organics

Wax Heater 1000cc

999,00 kr
999,00 kr

The 1000cc Outback Organics Wax Heater is suitable for Beauticians, Beauty Therapists and Professional Waxers. The easily fitted drip tray and removable inner wax pot makes cleaning a breeze.

Designed exclusively by Outback Organics, the heater features the classic Outback Organics logo. Includes a 1000cc Wax Inner with scraper bar.

Additional base allows for multiple heaters to be connected together; no need for several cables cluttering up your waxing station or treatment room.

  • Locking lid.
  • Temperature control.
  • Indicator light.
  • Heating base.
  • Inner included.


  • We suggest that the heater is switched on approx 30 minutes before treatments are due to commence, to ensure that the product has reached the correct temperature and consistency.
  • We always recommend testing the working wax temperature with a thermometer. 
  • Temperature for Strip Wax: Turn the dial on your wax heater to 4.5 and allow the wax to come up to temperature for 35-40 mins. Once heated turn the dial back down to 3. Ensure you test the wax temperature with a thermometer before applying to your client’s skin.


  • Heater: 120mm x 130mm (not including the lid).
  • Base: 205mm x 200mm.