Outback Organics

Double Wax Heater

1.199,00 kr
1.199,00 kr

Double Wax Heater – 1000cc & 1000cc.

The Outback Organics Double Wax Heater is the perfect solution for busy salons. With its improved design, this 1000cc double wax heater has the ability to heat two different waxes at the same time at different temperatures, making it suitable for heating all waxes.

Includes two removable inserts with scraper bars.

  • Separate ON/OFF switches.
  • Separate temperature controls.
  • 2x 1000cc removable inserts.
  • Independent power indicator lights.


  • All wax types should be heated in the inserts. Additional inserts are available from Outback Organics.
  • Do not place plastic containers of wax directly into the wax heaters, they are not suitable for direct heat.
  • If you need to remove the scraper bars from your wax inners, please ensure this is done when the heater has had the opportunity to heat up. Doing so when the heater is cool may lead to the plastic splintering.
  • We always recommend testing the working wax temperature with a thermometer. 


  • 320mm x 208mm x 160mm.